Top Three Causes of Car Accidents

Speeding, together with bad weather and driving while under the influence are the most common causes of car accidents in Texas.

With roads and freeways built for speed, the highways of Texas attract a lot of reckless drivers roaring with their speeding cars.

Speeding, bad weather and DUI are dangerous by itself, and a combination of any of the three or a combination of all three will certainly spell disaster.

Imagine a person speeding on a foggy highway or a drunk driver speeding on a freeway. There are different dangerous and deadly scenarios that could lead to car accidents and the most tragic of those is the knowledge that it could have been avoided.


One of the most common causes of car accidents is speeding. With car manufacturers producing more cars built for speed, Texas drivers are one of the most curious to test those claims. This results to more drivers breaking the speed limit and in turn breaking the law.

In addition, it is also one of the leading causes of truck accidents. In fact, around 21% of truck drivers who got involved in a road accident had a previous speeding conviction.

One thing to remember: “More Speed Means Less Control”. That is the reason why speeding causes a lot of accidents. The reaction time of the driver decreases as the car accumulates speed and can lead to a collision.

Bad Weather

Rain and/or snow can make roads and freeways slippery. Fogs make for poor visibility and the moisture that is brought by cold weathers can form ice.

Although we have no control over weather, one can always check the weather conditions through news forecasts on the radio, TV and the Internet. If it can be avoided, it is advised to not drive out in bad weather.

If it cannot be avoided, avoid speeding on bad weathers and keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that if something goes wrong, you will have enough room and control to maneuver yourself out of a disaster.

Driving while under the Influence

Driving under the influence or DUI is the leading cause of car accidents not only in Los Angeles but also the whole United States. It is also the leading cause of deaths for Americans aged 15 – 24.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol and even drugs, coupled by reckless driving, plus the inexperience of young drivers can result to tragic car accidents.

Education is still the best solution in curbing the rising incidents of DUI related car accidents. Taking a Texas online defensive driving class can teach you these skills. If a person is deemed by the state responsible enough to get a driver’s license then in turn he/she should already be responsible as well when it comes to drinking.

Preventing Teen Drunk Driving

You could say that drunk driving is an American teenager killer.

Teenage drunk driving statistics show that 60% of teenage deaths in the whole U.S. is alcohol related. In addition, 40% of all car accidents in the country involve teens.

Drunk-driving statistics show that, car accidents are the leading cause of deaths for American teens aged 15-24. The study also shows that 74 % of those car accidents involve young drivers that are not wearing seatbelts.

Clearly, something has to be done to protect not only teenagers but everyone from these accidents.

The community can play a big part in preventing drunk driving in the streets. There are plenty of simple actions everyone can take to protect teenagers from drunk-driving accidents.

Here are some basic tips that a community can pro-actively participate in:

The schools and the community must work hand in hand to educate people about the consequences of drunk driving. Schools can invite resource speakers including survivors of drunk driving accidents to talk to the students to give them a first-hand account of what can happen if you drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol free Prom
The community must be active in their children’s lives. A lot of drunken driving incidents happen during prom night because of a night full of drinking. Help your children organize the after-party at one of the homes and make sure that alcohol is not available for the guests.

Sign a contract with your child
Have an agreement with your children that whenever they will need a ride home no matter the circumstance, you will pick them up and not ask questions till a later time when he/she is more comfortable. The last thing a teenager wants is someone breathing down their neck after a bad experience. Not asking questions off the bat shows them that you respect their silence. This can increase the trust your children and you have for each other.

Write letters to liquor stores
Remind these establishments that they also have a responsibility of not letting minors purchase alcohol from their stores. Warn them that if they continue selling to minors, they will be reported to the police and the community will not patronize their establishment.

Distribute brochures
Distribute information to different establishments like stores, churches and schools about the consequences and how to prevent drunk-driving accidents.

Of course the drivers, teens or not, should also be responsible for their driving behavior. If the state had deemed you fit to be licensed as a driver then live up to the standard and know when you are able to drive or not.

Here are some tips a teen driver can follow in regards to driving and drinking:

Alcohol treatment
Once you accept that you have a problem with alcohol consumption, the next thing you can do is get treatment like medical management and psycho-social support. After getting treatment, make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain sober.

Designated drivers
Ask a friend who does not drink to drive you home or call home to ask someone to pick you up if you know that you will be drinking.

Leave the keys
If you know you will be drinking, leave the keys at home to prevent any temptation to drive yourself after drinking.

Those are some ways to decrease the teen drunk-driving statistics in the country. The teen must be informed of his responsibilities as a driver and the community must help in educating not just the drivers but everyone that they can either help solve the problem or they can be part of the problem.

Defensive Driving Techniques

There are a lot of different aspects to defensive driving techniques, but a key feature is to create and maintain space around your vehicle. After all, it’s difficult to come into contact with another vehicle, or some other object, if you constantly maintain adequate space around your vehicle.


Use defensive driving techniques to create space around your vehicle. Never allow yourself to get “boxed in” by other vehicles. Adequate space creates enough reaction and braking time to help you avoid a collision.

One of the key aspects of creating space is to follow the vehicle in front of you at a distance of at LEAST two seconds. You achieve this by watching as the vehicle ahead passes some object such as a sign on the side of the road, or a mark on the road surface, then count “one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two.” If you pass your chosen spot before reaching “two,” you’re too close and should slow down slightly, repeat the count and get the space you need!

Avoid being tailgated, or having other vehicles encroach on your space. Employ your defensive driving techniques by changing lanes, or adjusting your speed to enable tailgaters to pass.

Even following at two seconds distance, you must be alert to respond quickly, but you should have enough margin under normal circumstances.

Sometimes two seconds’ space may not be sufficient. Leave more space when you can when following a vehicle different to yours, such as a motorcycle or truck. Motorcycles can usually stop faster than you can in a car, and large trucks impede your vision, which can cause you not to see hazards until too late. You need to monitor this aspect of your defensive driving technique to take into account the characteristics of the vehicles near you. If in doubt, it’s better to allow a bit more space than normal.

Allow extra space when travelling on a loose, or slippery road surface as your stopping distance may be longer than normal.

Be aware of the vehicles next to your vehicle in other lanes and try to adjust your speed to keep your vehicle “in the open”, with no vehicles on either side. Be very wary if you become surrounded by vehicles in a moving “pack”. Use your defensive driving techniques to negotiate yourself into a space between packs, so you have clear lanes on both sides. (This is absolutely vital for motorcyclists!)

Even when you are stationary, such as at a red light, you need to leave adeqaute space between you and the vehicle in front. Leave enough room so you can escape if the car in front of you doesn’t move, or if you need to move away from danger approaching from behind. Make sure you can see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you where they touch the road. This will give you sufficient room to negotiate around when necessary.

When driving remember to use your defensive driving techniques to give yourself some space and avoid unwanted contact with other vehicles.

Defensive Driving Skills

When you see road accidents, have you ever wondered if that could happen to you one day? You don’t have to live in with that fear anymore as you can find many approved online portals offering classes on the techniques of defensive driving in Texas.

Defensive driving skills can prove to be a great help for you against any dangerous situations on the road. You can learn the techniques from any online defensive driving classes and improve your driving skills. If you think Texas defensive driving are only taken by drivers who have been assigned by a court or judge then, you are wrong. Now these Texas defensive driving classes are sought out by those who wish to become a responsible driver.

How defensive driving skills can help you?

Learning the online defensive driving is not just for you. Not all the drivers you share the road with are responsible enough. Some of them drive aggressively. Some are careless while some just don’t pay attention on the road. These drivers are known road hazards and cause 1/3 of all traffic accidents in the US. Though, you cannot control their actions, but you can definitely enhance your defensive driving skills by joining a TX defensive driving online course. If you learn the defensive driving techniques, you will make the road safer for you and others as well.

A online defensive driving TX will also help you deal with any emergency on the road. Road emergencies can occur when you least expect them. You need to think fast and take action. Not all emergencies are the same. The Texas defensive driving classes will prepare you with different approaches for different emergencies call.

Pay attention! That’s the main thing a defensive driver must do. Paying attention on the road is the key to all safety. This is one of the Texas defensive driving techniques that a defensive driving TX will teach you.

Drive like a pro in bad weathers or situations. With the defensive driving skills, you can easily know how to handle difficult situations while driving in bad weathers or in poorly constructed roads.

Defensive driving Texas will also tell you how to control your vehicle. You can make a great difference if you can take full control of your vehicle as that can minimize the chances of getting into a collision.

Now, it’s a great chance for you to improve your defensive driving skill and protect yourself against any danger on the road with the online defensive driving classes.

Defensive Driving Course Online

The biggest difference between an average driver and a first-rate one is instruction, so by taking an defensive driving course online you can continue to be up to date with the latest road laws and arm yourself with the ability and knowledge required to anticipate driving dangers and how to stay away from them.

Are you familiar what defensive driving is?

It is a method used to significantly reduce the danger associated with driving your car or motorcycle by predicting and learning to recognize a possible hazard and adjust your driving accordingly, to adapt to the situation well before it takes place.

Becoming a student of an accredited defensive driving course online and integrating the visual training into your driving behavior it might, in due course, save your life. Although patience, instruction and good concentration are mandatory to effectively benefit from defensive driving.

Collecting the right information and undergoing professional defensive driver training will help to reduce the likelihood of a serious or fatal accident. It could save you some money by lowering your car insurance premium and will certainly help you in passing your drivers license test.

You can now remove a traffic ticket online.

If you have not taken a defensive driving course for quite a while and are not fully up to date with the latest road laws, then it is more than likely you will receive a traffic ticket or moving violation at some point. By completing an official defensive driving course online, many courts in the United States will nowadays dismiss your ticket and clear your driving record if you have been directed by a court to attend a driving safety course.

Defensive driving tips to help you drive safely.

Give yourself enough time to adjust your driving by looking 10 – 15 seconds down the road to predict any trouble, particularly when driving in traffic conditions.

Maintain a 2 – 3 second gap to allow adequate reaction time between your car and the one in front and as your speed rises, increase the gap.

Check your rear view mirrors every 5 – 10 seconds to be conscious of cars that are sitting to close to you and if you can, accelerate or move into another lane to increase the distance between. If you have to brake suddenly and a car is too close, their reaction time is reduced and could crash into the rear of you.

To anticipate a pedestrian, child or even a dog jumping out in front of you look under parked cars for feet and be aware of what is happening on both sides of the road.

Also glance down any side streets, making sure other vehicles have seen you and will stop and give way. People pulling out of parking spots or in parked cars opening their doors are to be watched.

10 Benefits of Defensive Driving You Probably Didn’t Know

Defensive driving teaches safe driving techniques to drivers. At defensive driving classes students learn to overcome mistakes in driving techniques, learn to improve their driving skills; learn to make informed decisions and to anticipate situations while driving.

Defensive driving classes have been set up in every state by the government and police departments to make the world a safer place to live in. The need for speed can kill, it is important to teach driver discipline and safety rules. Defensive driving aims to reduce the risk of driving. Drivers must instinctively anticipate dangerous situations and avoid risks while driving vehicles in normal as well as adverse conditions. On Line Defensive driving courses cover aspects like: emergency care, principles of safety, control of fear and emotions, on the spot decision making, quick reactions, fear, and so on.

Each year, close to 50,000 people in the US loose their lives due to road accidents. Accidents can be prevented by following simple rules.

The benefits of defensive driving classes are many and vary with each state.

  1. Most states offer as incentive a reduction of points on your driver’s license following a driving violation ticket and offer the additional incentive of not increasing insurance rates.
  2. In some states a defensive driving course would get at least 10% reduction is insurance rates for a period of 3-5 years. This being a considerable saving.
  3. A defensive driving course will teach safe and accident free driving techniques.
  4. The course will teach protection techniques and how to handle road rage and speeding.
  5. The defensive driving course will teach safe driving techniques in bad weather and adverse conditions. The course will hone skills in highway driving, night driving, and extreme weather driving.
  6. The course will inculcate critical safety issues and teach emergency action too.
  7. By taking a defensive driving course you will not have to appear in court.
  8. The driving violation charges will be dismissed and a fine will not be assessed.
  9. Defensive driving classes create responsible citizens which mean children and families will remain protected.
  10. Most important the defensive driving classes will improve driving skills, reiterate driving laws and rules and make better drivers of people.

An online defensive driving class can even be taken virtually. States have set up defensive driving classes both online and offline to create a safe environment for citizens. Defensive driving teaches people to be responsible drivers and take all necessary precautions when seated behind the wheel of a car. It protects not just the driver but pedestrians, animals, and fellow commuters. It makes the roads safer.

Defensive driving saves lives.

Article written by: Timothy Rudon
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